Jason P Crawford

Wordsmith, teacher, father, gamer…Jason is a master of far-fetched flights of fancy and adventure with fast-paced urban fantasy, science fiction, and epic fantasy all under his belt. Jason has authored and published six novels with Epitome Press and is close to releasing his seventh, with his eighth in the works as well. He isn’t afraid to take risks or fall of the deep end of the fantastical, and his characters and stories have a warmth and heart that reflects his optimistic worldview.

Author of: The Drifter, Chains of Prophecy, Bonds of Fate, Seeking The Sun, Cycles of Destruction, Dragon Princess.

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CL Fors

Author, mother, student-midwife, graphic artist, painter…CL Fors has a passion for capturing the nuance of human interaction and the implications of hypothetical futures for humanity. She writes science fiction with a heart that deals in the often overlooked aspects of life, including motherhood, childbirth, and pregnancy maintaining a strong basis is current science.

Author of The Primogenitor Series: Progeny, Adaptation, Reunion


archer-miller-e1546641122927 2Archer Miller

Vocal artist with a background in theater, gardener, and expert spinner of tales beyond our galaxy…Archer Miller writes multi-generational epic, science fiction that pulls readers ever deeper into his world, seamlessly mixing adventure and excitement with strong character development and a feel for the details that lend a human element to science fiction.

Author of : The Evolved Series, Book 1 and Book 2